10 Dec, 2023

My Sexual/Fetish Checklist

Slave Registration No – 464-252-578 Submissive Submissive SubmissiveActivity Done It Like It InterestedSex Anal Penetration (giving) Yes No NoAnal Penetration (receiving) Little Live for it MandatoryChastity (long term) Yes 5 YesChastity (short term) Yes 4 YesCuckolding Yes 4 YesCunnilingus (giving) Yes 3 DependsCunnilingus (receiving) N/A N/A N/ADouble Penetration (oral/anal) Yes Live for it YesDouble Penetration […]

3 mins read

White TV Bitch jokes

Q: Whats long and thick on a white TV Bitch?A: Nothing Q: Why are white TV Bitches Like a Door Handle? A: Because they are only good for one time around. Q: Why do white Bitches have arseholes?A: So black men will talk to them. Q: What do white Bitches use for birth control?A: Their […]

1 min read

Definitions that apply to me

I class myself as a Niggaz Bitch. Meaning I get fucked and used like a bitch by Black men. Am looking to have that Tattoo’ed on my ass. Anyone interested in helping me either find a willing Tattoo’ist (I’ve tried) or doing the tat. Please contact me at uktv4bbc@gmail.com bitch: 1. noun. insolent, nasty, vindictive […]

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