Tied Up & used, in a humiliating way in a public place. Then left that way

This has been my fantasy for years, and now that the summer nights are comming I’d love to have this done to me. Basically I get fucked by a group of black guys in a public park or a field at night as they use me they take pics with a poloriod, im still in bra, fishnets etc. They

cover me in cum, gag me, plug my ass. And tie me in this kind of position

in a way that i Iam totally helpless and cant free myself.. Then the guys start writing degrading words over me. They put a mousetrap on my tiny cock Finally they piss over me and leave me there. They place the poloroid around me before they leave. Im found the next day in this humiliating position. I know that I’ll probably get into trouble with the police about this but I dont care. I’ll accept what ever punishment I have to, this is one of my main humiliation Fantasys.


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