Welcome to my Site

Im a real life white Gothic Sissy-Snowbunny Queen of Spades based in the Kent/London area of the UK….

I’m owned fulltime by my mistress who’s helping me with my life’s work… being the best BBC whore I can be…..

We’re looking to find as many black guys to use my hungry trained fuckhole as possible, either in private or on cam ,

We are in the process of setting up a production company documenting my training as a total BBC Sissy slut.

To prove my devotion I’ve even had a real QOS tattoo on my right ankle and am locked in either my ‘SISSY’ collar or my ‘BBC Sissy’ one…

My Changes so Far

  • Pussyfree since 2008 now
  • My fuckhole is plugged 24/7
  • Had my ears pierced
  • Had a Queen of Spades tattoo on my right ankle
  • 12 Sessions into Permanent Laser Hair Removal
  • I Spent 14 months on Finestracide to make me impotent & help my head hair
  • Started taking 100MGs per day of ALDACTONE (Spironolactone). A testosterone blocker for complete impotency
  • 6 sessions into real Sissy hypno with a pro hypnotist
  • Doing a makeup course at a real college
  • And have worked a Glory Hole a few times now…

Seeking Black Guys

Im looking for black guys interested in me sucking them off (and more) regularly in the Kent area and possibly London for events etc. Can travel to them and by next month we wil be able to accomodate as we’re moving. Also looking for black guys to perform with on cam and film (see below). Feel free to Message me on here or email on cockslut@bitchblackwhore.co.uk m for more info.


  • Adult Services
  • Escorting (outcalls & public meets)
  • Porn shoots
  • Cam collaboration
  • Sissy Maid Services £30 per hour plus Travel expenses
  • Serving at events (Including maid, waitressing , Gloryholes)
  • Secretary (IT work)
  • Driving
  • Fluffing at porn shoots
  • Paid humiliations – Charge to humiliate me (either online or in public NEGOTIONABLE)

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