Stef my Second Girlfriend – How a 17 year old girl was more of a man than me

I’ve been made into a bitch by my both of my two, girlfriends. Whats embarrasing is that they were both at least 8 years younger than me. I love it though. I beeged to be Stef”s bitch but she said no…at first. Even though she used to like me to wear my buttplug and she used to fist me in a sadistic way that would have kept me docile for weeks, had it not been part of our daily ‘training shedual’ . When I got the Strapon for her, the kind that also includes a vibrating vaginal plug, for added pleasure for her, she had her first ever Orgasm through fucking me. She loved it and though she had to get home that night. The next morning she turned up before 9pm and strapped her plastic cock on.

That was when things changed. This time there was no rush. She’d taken the day off work and could go at a more steady pace. As she got more used to it she got harder and harder, till i was not only wimpering but trying to pull away, she’d just grab me and pull me back. Its like she was suddenly ten times as strong as me.

My wimpering turning into girly moans as I realised that she was fucking me harder than I’d ever fucked her. Then the reality of my true nature finally sank in, In a way that I couldn’t deny anymore. With what felt like a 28 ton piledriver thrusting into my ass, I accepted that I wasn’t a man. She must have read my mind, either that or she had made the realization at exactly the same point I did, as thats when she said it ‘Your useless. You cant even fuck me half this good. You do realise that i’m more of a man than you are…’
‘I’m sorry…’ I said as she impaled me on her plastic shaft.

‘Well. From now on you’re my bitch. I get more pleasure this way as well. How does it feel to finally get what you wanted so much’

‘Make me your slave then’ I pleaded. ‘Own my ass. Please’

We both new though, that I hadnt really needed to make the offer. She’d already taken it of her own free will. She came three more times before she pulled out of me. I collapsed onto the bed and groaned, actually glad it was over. She walked over to the wardrobe where I keep a box of medical gloves and took one out. Then with a sadistic smile she pulled it over her hand. She grabbed the tube of lubricant and squeeze most of it onto her gloved hand.

‘Noooo please baby…’ I began.

She cut me off ‘Im not your baby. Remember I own you now.’ She came up behind and with her free hand realised the clips of the strapon. She took it off and threw it on the bed, before grabbing my hair and roughly pulling me up into the doggie position again. ‘You wanted to be my bitch, Im gonna make you my bitch. I wish I’d done this before hand, but I respected you so much I just couldn’t. But over the last few months I’ve realised I really love this power. Just think, your Seventeen year old girlfriend is more of a man than you are. How pathetic are you?’

Then I felt three fingers thrust into my ass, then the other two, before she formed a fist. Then she pounded me harder than she’d ever done fore. I screamed. She began pounding harder and harder. I screamed louder and louder. She just carried on fist fucking me, her thrust’s hadn’t slowed at all. I felt my eyes well up with tears, as I pleaded with her to stop. I was a wimpering mess by this point.

I herd her say something like. Stop being such a pathetic little girl. But I couldn’t be sure over the begging and screaming I was doing. I must have been making a hell of a lot of noise. She remedied that though by grabbing her strapon with her free hand and shoving it into my mouth.I noticed It had a weird taste, that I couldn’t place, then realised, it was the taste of my own ass.

She pushed the plastic penis into my mouth so far that I gagged, then just held it there for a few moments before releasing slightly. “From now on Im also gonna start training you to suck cock. You’re the girl in the relationship now, so you need to be used sexually as one. When I’m satisfied with you’re cocksucking on a plastic one, I’ll arrange for you to suck a real one. UNDERSTAND?’

I tried to say yes but she pushed the cock back into my throat again. Making me gag instead. Im not sure whether it was me become accustomed to the abuse she was inflicting on me or if I just went into some kind of shock, as a feeling of calm came over me, I relaxed and just accepted it. I knew that at this point she had broken me, as a man and as I free person. This had been done to me before by men, but never a 17 year old girl.

I was detached from the physical sensation now, I began to speculate on this change of circumstance. I really couldn’t believe how much of a kick she was getting from this. After everything she’d said before about how she respected me to much to make me her bitch, her behaviour shocked me. I knew that all respect she did have was gone now. I could never get that back now, even if I wanted to. I knew that I needed to take this role in life. This was natural for me. I was scared though, if she could be this brutal and this sadistic now, what would she be like when she started to push the abuse furthur in more masochistic ways?

She used me like this for over an hour. By the time she pulled her cock out of my mouth and her fist out of my ass, I was totally broken. I knew that I was her total property now. I got off the bed then crawled round to face her before collapsing into a foetal position at her feet. Thats when I burst into tears. My seventeen year old girlfriend had practically raped me. It was the most humiliating experience of my life and had left me completely powerless to her, physically and mentally.

As I lay there, at her feet sobbing, Stef looked down on me with total contempt, then she began to laugh at my humiliation. “Your asshole is massive’ She said. ‘Its hillarious…’

Then she began telling me how pathetic I was and how she’d lost all respect for me, as a man and as her boyfriend. Being her Bitch would be for the best, for both of us. Either we do this or breakup totally. There was no way back to how it had been before. Then her strengh weakened for a moment and she knelt down moved into my face. ‘This is what you wanted. Are you sure you still do?’

“Yesss please. Im your bitch totally now. Please own me, I’m yours to do with as you please…’ I began babbling.

Stef strenghed again. ‘Enough’ she ordered. ‘Then your my property. Good.” She climbed onto the bed and stretched out. “Right. Tonight we’re gonna go online and I’m gonna do some research into BDSM if your gonna be my slave”. I’d been introducing her to BDSM online for a while now. I guess I’d known by the amount of interest she took in the information that she was starting to like the idea of owning me. She’d been getting more and more dominant for a while now, its like she finally accepted that, thats what she wanted.

‘Get up’ She said as she patted the bed. I did as I was told. “Im gonna watch cartoons for a while, you can suck my toes and lick my feet clean, at the same time.’ And then I willingly sucked her toes. Which I swore I’d never do as I hate feet. I carried on until she told me to stop, which seemed like an eternity later.

Then she lubed up my ass again and put on her strapon again. She told me to lay on my back. Then she lifted my legs up round her head and entered me. We were face to face this time. As she fucked me we kept eye contact. Her face was full of evil satisfaction as she took me like a woman. It was ten o’clock when she had finished using me. She plugged my ass before leading me into the front room.

While Stef did her research on slave training, she had me lay at her feet and suck her toes. She sat there till over two am making lists. When finally we went to bed. She cuddled methe way a mancuddles his girlfriend


The rules were simple, I was her bitch, in name as well as role, my ass was plugged 24/7, my ass would be fisted daily, I’d be kept naked at all times indoors and I’d give up all intention of ever getting another job. I’d Stay in doing the housework while she earnt the money. And I’d have my nails pink at all times, so that it would remind me I was the bitch round here.

She had beaten me, from that point onwards she was even physically stronger than me, I remember feeling powerless against her. I used to hold her down and tickle her playfully as I knew she hated it. Now though she did it too me.


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