Everything up to Now

Everything up to Now

So this is basically my whole sissification and Feminization that Miss Kate has been training me to do daily up to 03rd January 2023 in no particular order as that would be a major headache…..

  • Must refer to my genitals as my clitty from now on
  • Must refer to my Ass ass a pussy from now on
  • Sissy hypno audio as I work
  • Toenails must remain pink at all Times
  • Fingernail must remail long and painted (black for now)
  • Ears pierced
  • Having laser hair removal
  • No using my Clitty at all
  • Pussy Plugged most the day
  • Male underwear destoyed
  • Must wear Panty’s at all time
  • Queen of Spades on my right ankle to show that I’m a BBC Sissy
  • Enroled in Sissy Academy


One thought on “Everything up to Now

  1. Excellent read I think all of us in the stable will love to follow your transformation by your Mistress, you certainly seem far more suited in the feminine than masculine role thats for sure. Be interested to see where it will end… if it ever does lol. stpehie x

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