Second sissy hypnosis training

Second sissy hypnosis training

The second training was excellent. Bitch responded very well to spirals and went under very quickly. This time, we used visual tools to help her get under – I suggested that she may find her eyes growing heavier, and when I saw her eyelids start to flutter slowly, I knew it was working. We also looked at a few different spirals and did some fractionation – forcing Bitch to wake back up and go back down to another spiral – to make sure she was nice and deep. You can tell when she’s in trance by the way her breathing changes, and the way her responses change – they tend to become non-verbal when she is under. “Yes” is replaced with simply nodding, and her jaw becomes slack and relaxed. One time, the camera wasn’t even focused on her because she simply went down too deep.

First, we reinforced the triggers from the last time and helped to make everything stronger. We gave her a stronger reaction to GOOD GIRL, and reinforced the other triggers learned last time. This time we taught her a new trick, to constantly think about black cock and to know that good girls suck black cock, further reinforcing her desire for BBC. The collar that she wears also makes her think about black cock constantly, and for the desire for it to grow once it is seeded within her. This really made her squirm; you could tell that she was getting more turned on in front of the camera.

To sink that deep into her brain, we got her to repeat some mantras, such as “good girls suck cock” and “good girls suck black cock”. We also got her to imagine doing it as well. I repeated the suggestions a few times and had a call and response type thing going:

“Are you a good girl?”


“What do good girls do?”

“Good girls suck cock.”

“What kind of cock?”

“Black cock.”

You can see her face changing and her breathing, too. She was frowning from the lack of cock and breathing heavier as she thought about it, letting out a few tiny gasps here and there as well.

Needless to say, after the session she told me she was craving something. You could guess what it was. 😉

Jay Hypno

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